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expert-reading-teacher  The Zenex Foundation believes that reading is the most important skill that learners need throughout their schooling career.  Reading is the foundation of literacy.  Learning to read starts in the Foundation Phase.  Our Foundation Phase teachers need to be expert reading teachers. Outlined below is the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that Foundation Phase teachers need to be expert reading teachers.  To read more download the...
zenex-foundation-literacy-seminar The Zenex Foundation is hosting a seminar on literacy on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Rosebank, Johannesburg. The theme of the seminar is: Understanding teaching and learning literacy in a complex multilingual context. The purpose of the seminar is to improve understanding of the challenges and issues in literacy development by sharing key factors in the implementation of the language in education policy. A total of 80 guests drawn from the academic, research and evaluator...


The Zenex Foundation commissioned a research study in 2013 to analyse various projects and initiatives that support school development, and teaching and learning in South African schools. The research culminated in the establishment of an extensive database of close to 400 research reports, articles and studies on school interventions in South Africa from 2005. The database informed the development of a Decision-making Framework at the Zenex Foundation, which the Foundation applies to inform programme development. The research study included an analysis of:

• Academic scholarship on learner performance,
• School intervention studies in South Africa,
• Project and Programme evaluations, and
• Government and NGO sector programmes.




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