About us

Funding Approach

The Zenex Foundation is an independent, South African grant maker that has distinguished itself from other grant-making bodies by committing its entire budget strictly to the fields of Mathematics, Science and Language education. The Foundation co-designs the programmes it funds, informed by extensive research and evaluation.

This highly focused approach means that the Zenex Foundation is not able to support external, unsolicited proposals and requests for funding – whether it be from schools, learners and other individuals, or not-for-profit organisations.

The Zenex Foundation Funding Principles

 The Zenex Foundation funding is guided by the following seven principles. The Foundation:

  1. funds targeted areas of work in Mathematics, Science and Language education.
  2. conceptualises and co-designs the programmes it funds in consultation with key stakeholders in education to address specific, identified gaps.
  3. adopts an evidence-based approach to designing programmes, informed by lessons drawn from internal and external research as well as independent evaluation of projects.
  4. promotes monitoring and evaluation as a tool for measuring impact and learning from practice.
  5. commissions research to better understand what works in Mathematics, Science and Language teaching and learning.
  6. contributes to knowledge building in the sector by sharing findings from research and evaluations to inform policy and practice in the education and grant-making sectors.
  7. promotes partnerships with Government, donors, NGOs and other education stakeholders to improve the quality and reach of its interventions.
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