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The Zenex Foundation operates on the basis of strong partnerships with stakeholders, including education departments, donors, service providers, higher education institutions, researchers and schools that share the Foundation’s vision of skilled and empowered young people who can contribute towards the growth and development of South Africa. Partnerships have always guided the work of the Foundation, and remain pivotal to maximising the impact and sustainability of interventions. To achieve sustainable change, we work with partners and have placed significant energy into the development of a range of partnerships in the field.

Over the years, the Foundation has built a strong partnerships with:

  • Government, and more specifically, the Department of Basic Education at various levels, from national to district - the Zenex Foundation recognises that projects undertaken in the public school system must be developed and implemented in partnership with the relevant education departments. This is to ensure that the projects are aligned to the Department’s strategy and priorities; add value to the education departments and build capacity, are sustainable in that they are mainstreamed into the Department’s programmes.
  • Researchers and evaluators - Zenex commissions independent evaluators and researchers to undertake rigorous evaluation and research from which the Foundation draw lessons that informs internal programme development, policy and practice. The list of Zenex evaluators and researchers is available on this link.
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the provision of Mathematics, Science and Language education, as well as school leadership support – NGOs are the Foundation’s key delivery partners. The NGO community is critical in supporting the achievement of educational change. A list of Mathematics, Science and Language service providers who have partners with Zenex over the years can be accessed on this link.
  • Donors - the spectrum of partnerships with education donors is wide, ranging from information sharing to joint project development and funding. Private and corporate funding remains one of the biggest contributors to development funding and Zenex prioritises collaboration to maximise learning and the collective impact of interventions.
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