December 15, 2017

Ensuring Impact in Learner Support

The Zenex Foundation shared the results of its High School Learner Programme at a knowledge-sharing breakfast held in Johannesburg during October 2017. They shared the evaluation findings from a high school intervention which had tested whether learner support can improve maths and science outcomes, which was implemented over a 10 year period.

The Foundation’s programme increased the number of the targeted learners who enrolled in STEM degrees from 23% to 63% over the years 2012-16, an achievement in keeping with the South African national priority of increasing the number of black learners who follow Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths study and career paths. Sharing its evaluation findings and lessons learnt was part of the Zenex Foundation’s commitment to evidence-based work and to supporting the impactful utilisation of evaluation results in South African education. Click through to infographic