The Zenex Foundation 2014 - 2018 Strategy locates the work of the Foundation within four Programme areas that operate independently of each other, but are also integrally connected to achieve improved learner performance in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Language:

The core of the Foundation’s work is located in the Systemic and Schools Programmes – both of which comprise of interventions that aim to impact directly on improved learner performance in Mathematics, Science and Language.

Projects in the Systemic Programme are typically much larger in scale than projects in the Schools Programme, and are implemented at different levels of the educational system (province, districts, schools and parent). Projects in the Schools Programme are typically only implemented within schools, and focus on testing and piloting educational innovation, with the intention of subsequent wide-scale adoption.

The research component of the Research & Development Programme is focused on research projects that aim to explore or explain education trends and phenomena, and deepen knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Language education. The development component of this Programme focuses on the creation of products that can be used to support the sector, such as reading material, test instruments, software or databases.

The Foundation’s Sector-Strengthening Programme aims to strengthen individual and institutional capacity in the education and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) sector. The target group for this Programme are practitioners, academics, NGOs, content interest groups, statutory bodies in Mathematics, Science and Language and Monitoring & Evaluation delivery agents.

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