Systemic Programme

The Systemic Programme enables the Zenex Foundation to contribute to sustained, quality education through multi-stakeholder, system-wide educational interventions in the field of Mathematics, Science and Language.

The large-scale projects are led by Government either at provincial or national level, and require a substantial investment of resources and a strong partnership approach. They generally are funded in partnership with Government and other funders. Project management is located with Government, with the interventions directed at different levels of the educational system – whether it be at circuit, district or provincial level.

The following is a list of current and recent projects allocated to the Systemic Programme:

This project is focused on testing an innovative model for improving schooling through public/private partnerships, using three key levers for change: flexible management, accountability and capability in underperforming schools.

A multi-year project on Initial Teacher Education (ITE) aimed at improving performance in Mathematics and literacy at primary level through teacher graduates with competence to work with children to develop their language/literacy and Mathematical competencies at the appropriate level.

This project involves the training of district officials to support Grade R teachers to teach early numeracy through a well-researched conceptual and coherent approach to Mathematics. This project is implemented in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Education, The ELMA Foundation, Maitri Trust and Investec Philanthropy services.

This project provides lesson plans and supports the integration of the GPLMS into the districts.

The NECT District Improvement Programme promotes a Structured Leaning Approach to provide support to teachers in low resource and low capability contexts. It provides scripted lesson plans, training and coaching.