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Ulwazi Lwethu: Fostering Literacy and Diversity in South Africa



Ulwazi Lwethu: Fostering Literacy and Diversity in South Africa

On September 21, 2023, Basic Education Minister, Mrs. Angie Motshekga, and the CEO of the Zenex Foundation, Ms. Gail Campbell, announced the launch of the “Ulwazi Lwethu” African Languages Reading Materials at the National Library of South Africa, Pretoria. The project, initiated by the government and the Zenex Foundation, aims to enhance the Department’s efforts to improve literacy levels in the country.

The Ulwazi Lwethu initiative marks a significant advancement in promoting the enjoyment of reading and establishing a solid groundwork for lifelong learning in a nation where literacy remains a critical issue. By concentrating on the country’s rich cultural and linguistic variety, the project aspires to involve young learners in their own African languages, a vital element frequently neglected in traditional education approaches.

South Africa’s linguistic diversity has its roots in its indigenous populations and the numerous migratory waves that have molded the nation’s artistic and intellectual scene throughout the centuries. Although English is the primary language used for instruction, the country is home to 11 official languages and countless dialects, mirroring the distinctive tapestry of its inhabitants.

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