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Funding approach


The Zenex Foundation is a proactive grant-maker

Funding approach

The Zenex Foundation is a proactive funder that conceptualises and designs its funded projects in consultation with strategic education partners and specialists. We provide multi-year funding for our projects, which means our funding is committed in advance. As such, we are unable to support requests for once-off or long-term funding of third party projects

Strengthening the education system through:

Supporting language and mathematics

Driven by evidence of a proven relationship between language proficiency and success in mathematics, as critical for overall learner achievement.

Investing in the Foundation and Senior Phases

Critical entry points into primary school and high school, respectively, to build strong foundations for learning in these phases.

Developing contextually relevant resources

to strengthen teaching and learning in the classroom.

Working with government in four provinces:

Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape to balance urban-rural, socio-economic and language contexts. Working nationally where strategic opportunities arise.

Leveraging our resources through:

Investing in innovation and testing new ideas on a small scale to inform systemic programmes.

Partnering with government to deliver large-scale interventions for systemic impact.

Strengthening strategic partnerships with stakeholders in education delivery.

Commissioning research, monitoring and evaluation to inform evidence-based learning.

Drawing on evidence derived from our long-term investment in education research and evaluation to inform our own work, shape practice and inform policy, and contribute to knowledge development in the education sector.