Leading | Connecting | Learning

Our Strategy


Strategy 2025 was adopted in 2019 to guide the work of the Zenex Foundation until 2025


  • We lead through excellence, creating impact through grant-making, programme design and M&E.
  • We connect through collaboration, facilitating connections, partnerships and enabling access to a wide network within the education sector.
  • We learn to empower ourselves and others, sharing evidence-based learnings and providing thought leadership that helps strengthen the sector.

Our strategy advances education through two core focus areas:


Early Grade Language & Mathematics

Target : Pre- & In-service teachers

Aim : Build reading and numeracy teaching experts, particularly in mother tongue, at a critical entry point in the schooling system – the Foundation Phase

Senior Phase English & Mathematics

Target : Learners and in-service teachers

Aim : Remediate mathematic and language backlogs at the entry point into high school, to assist learners who have not had the benefit of sound early grade foundations.