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Our Approach


Our Approach

Strengthening the education system through:

Supporting mathematics and language
Driven by catalysing change, advancing learning and enabling impact through our people and the M&E, evidence-based research and thought leadership we share.

Working with government in four provinces:
Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape to balance urban-rural, socio-economic and language contexts. Working nationally where strategic opportunities arise.

Investing in:

Early grade and senior phase Language and Mathematics.

Providing resources and designing innovative models that improve teaching and learning in Language and Mathematics.

Enabling tested research that improves knowledge and resources and influences policy and practice grant-making.

Co-creating, collaborating and partnering with NGOs, donors, government and beneficiaries.

Delivering evidence-based learnings, monitoring & evaluation and programmatic solutions.

Sharing learnings learnings, monitoring & evaluation and programmatic solutions

Sharing learnings to influence change and create impact.