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Our Grant-Making Approach


Our Grant-Making Approach

1. Focus areas

  • Supporting mathematics and language education in the Foundation and Senior Phases.
  • The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will require a focus on both learning at home and at school. Zenex will provide the necessary resources for parents and teachers, to address learning losses and backlogs.
  • Consistent with our principle to build knowledge and understanding of what works and does not work in education support, all projects will have an evaluation or research component.

2. Project approval and monitoring cycle

We have:

  • blended our traditional practice of funding medium- to long-term programmes, with short-term, innovative programmes to accelerate the roll out of solutions,
  • adopted fast turn-around times for proposals,
  • relaxed our reporting requirements to enable partners to focus on programme work.
  • To understand developments on the ground, we conduct ongoing consultations with our partners and beneficiaries.
  • Where context and capabilities change, we adapt our approach to ensure uninterrupted support.

The immediacy of COVID-19 requires us to be flexible and agile while still adhering to good grant-making practices.

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