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Impact evaluation of a school leadership development programme in Western Cape, South Africa



Evaluation of the impact of the Instructional Leadership Institute Programme

Over the past few years, the Zenex Foundation has increased the number of its partnerships with donors across various projects and programmes. Some of these partnerships require that Zenex perform the role of Fund Manager and/or Programme Manager. One such partnership is with the Education Endowment Fund (EEF), a UK based agency that focuses on generating evidence through funding and managing rigorous research and evaluations in the field of education.

In 2020, the EEF approached Zenex to manage the evaluation of a leadership project based in South Africa, as a local partner. This involved managing the reporting and disbursements to the relevant agencies. This is the evaluation of the impact of the Instructional Leadership Institute (ILI)[1] Programme implemented in Gauteng and Western Cape in 2021/2022. The ILI Programme is aimed at providing school leaders with the necessary skills to run outstanding schools in disadvantaged communities.

1.1 About the ILI Programme

The ILI Programme emerged out of the leadership programme implemented by Ark[2] in a number of countries. The vision of the ILI is to provide all students, irrespective of their background, with access to a globally competitive education. The mission of ILI is to develop a national network and pipeline of outstanding school leaders using a rigorous practice-based approach that focuses on the quality of teaching and learning. Based on the successes of the programme implemented in the UK and USA, it was implemented in six other countries. Each country adapted the programme to suit its context.

The Instructional Leadership Institute (ILI) South Africa was established in 2016. A local team together with Ark adapted the programme and model. The programme has already been field tested with two cohorts and is now ready for an effectiveness trial. The field-testing was implemented in 23 schools in 2017 and 20 schools in 2018. A perspective survey indicated that 100% of participants were very satisfied with the quality of the programme and indicated that the programme had an effect on their practices. Learner data collected also suggested that the programme is having a positive effect on performance.

The programme has just recently completed an effectiveness trial (impact evaluation study) in the Western Cape. See the Evaluation Report



[1] https://www.ili.education/#:~:text=The%20Instructional%20Leadership%20Institute%20is,schools%20in%20under%2Dresourced%20communities.
[2] Ark is an established and sustainable organisation with recognised impact in the education sector in the UK.
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